Wearing false eye lashes is something I hardly do. It is like a love and hate relationship. I love the way they look on others, however, I always struggle wearing them. I remember trying like 5-10 minutes to get false lashes to look right on my eyes, so after a few unsuccessful attempts I hardly wear them. I only occasionally wear individual false lashes, but that’s all about it. How about you?

I guess the first time I got false eye lashes was a few years ago around Christmas time. I just wanted my makeup to look all nice and since I don’t have the thickest and longest lashes, I thought adding some falsies would change the whole look. I must say it was not easy to wear them and I was actually about to tear it apart. After this attempt, I just got a few cheap ones from Primark in order to practice putting false eye lashes. You should really do that if you’re new to false eye lashes and you don’t want to spend so much money on them. I would say don’t go for the full thick false eye lashes for the beginning, as they are not easiest to apply.

Individual False Eye Lashes

They are the easiest to apply. Tweezers come really handy when you apply these ones, because they are really tiny (you need it for all others too, but especially for these). If you want a natural look, I’d suggest you to go for individual ones, so you can determine how many you want to use and you can choose from short to long, which you can’t do with the full eye lashes.

Full False Eye Lashes

You can achieve dramatic or natural look with them, depending on which one you pick. If they are big for your eyes then you can always cut them and tailor it for your eye shape. 3/4 ones are good for small eyes too.

One of the mistakes I did was trying to apply them without letting the adhesive set, then I wasn’t able to keep the lash still. Then it obviously didn’t look right, so never forget to let it dry for 20-30 seconds then apply them.

Do you wear false eye lashes and if so which one do you prefer… individual or full ones? Any tip that would help me to put them on without hassle? And did you have any similar accidents like me? I hope I’m not the only one who’s struggling…

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