When it comes to Summer, all I could think is fresh and floral scents. You don’t want to wear aromatic heavy scents when it is boiling outside, do you? A light spritz of floral Autograph Sheer Radiance might be all you need instead…

I’ve been a fan of M&S Advent Calendar which is always hit, so when M&S released their Summer Beauty Box, I wasn’t going to miss it. One of the products in the Summer Beauty Box was 30 ml Autograph Sheer Radiance perfume.

I’ve tried a few Autograph scents before. They are good and on the affordable side. I’ve been using Rosie for Autograph Rose Gold which is more of a transition scent. Since the heatwave hit the UK, fresher scents have been my go-to fragrance. So, it was a good timing to add Autograph Sheer Radiance to my perfume stash.

Autograph Sheer Radiance is such a delicate, citrusy fragrance with a hint of floral notes. There’s nothing not to love about that mixture. It is not overpowering but lightweight so it is perfect for Summer. All you need is a few spritzes and you smell like you walked in the flower gardens. Even though it is a floral scent, it is not too sweet but perfectly balanced mixture of fruity and floral notes. It is ideal for day and evening wear, but I prefer to wear it in the daytime. Also, can we appreciate how elegant the bottle is!

Now let’s come to the letdown… It is such a light and fresh fragrance, but it does not last. I think that is the main issue of the light perfumes. When it is hot, after an hour, it is almost impossible to smell it. If you like your perfume to have a good staying power, then this would be a disappointing one. If you don’t mind refreshing your perfume every hour, then this is definitely worth checking.

Autograph Sheer Radiance is a delicate, fruity fragrance with a hint of floral. It is lightweight and it is perfect for Summer as it is not overpowering.

Autograph Sheer Radiance is £12.50 for 30 ml. That size is perfect for carrying in the handbag. Getting compliments like “You smell like Spring” makes me happy. The only downside as I mentioned is that it doesn’t last long, wish it was a little more long-lasting. Every beauty has some flaws, right?

What’s your go-to spring/summer perfume? Which kind of scents do you prefer when it is Spring/Summer? Have you tried Autograph Sheer Radiance or any other perfume from the Autograph range?

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