You smell one of your old favourite perfumes years later and you wonder how you liked it in the first place? It happens to me quite a lot, so I guess as we get older our taste changes a bit. However, there’s one perfume, Cacharel Amor Amor, from my early twenties that no matter how many year passed I still like the smell of it and purchase it from time to time. Do you do that too?

My Cacharel Amor Amor Review

Cacharel Amor Amor has fruity floral scent base notes, but with woody oriental touches in it, so I could also say it has that woody floral scents too. It is not so overpowering, which makes it ideal for day and night. Also, you could actually wear it any season (that’s what I used to do years ago). I remember it being long lasting, however, this time I can’t really tell the same. Longevity wise is ok, but it is not better than my other loved perfumes, such as Hugo Boss Orange. I’ve used this perfume for quite a long time in the past and now when I smell it, it brings back good old memories. Is there anything in your life that does the same to you? For the price you pay, it is really worth the money and you will be getting compliments when you wear it, at least that’s what happened when I wore it and many friends got this perfume because of me.

I like the simple packaging, however, it would have been better if it had a cap. There is always a possibility of it being sprayed when it is in your bag. Also, I don’t know why there’s a metal ring around the spray, it kinda makes it look like a hand grenade! Do you know why?

If you’d like to know even more about this perfume check out the Cacharel website.

Have you tried Amor Amor before? What’s your favourite perfume from your early years?

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