During this time of the year, no matter what the weather app shows on your phone, weather might be unpredictable. One day you might have the hottest day of the year and the next day pouring rain. There’s nothing better than changing the perfume and makeup to get into this transitional season mood. Maybe something like Gucci Guilty Black might get you into autumn mood. 

Can perfumes affect your mood? According to a study, perfumes can change your mood. That’s why you might want to consider changing your perfume once in awhile. Some fragrances can be stress relieving too, how great is it?

I love changing my perfume or even layering them to get my own scent . When it is hot, I go for fresh ones like DKNY and when it is cold then orientals like Hugo Boss Orange is my pick. Gucci Guilty Black fits into oriental category, oriental floral. I got this perfume when it was first released back in 2013 and repurchased it again, it is one of the perfumes that has a special place in my heart.

Once you spray it, you might get sweet powdery smell, however, after a minute or two you the smell changes to something fruity like hint of peach. After it finally sets on your skin, you can smell the mixture of raspberries and amber. Gucci Guilty Black has the perfect balance of sweet fruity and floral with the depth of base notes.  Heartwarming smell is a plus, something you might want when it is gloomy outside and you want something to cheer you up.

This is more evening or cold day perfume, you wouldn’t want to spray it when it is so hot outside! It has long durability and power, even after wearing it for 4-5 hours, I can still smell the base notes but not as strong. Packaging is beautiful, it has the same packaging of Gucci Guilty, but in different colour. Red and black makes it a little mysterious, doesn’t it?

If you like oriental and woody scents, you might want to check this out. It has the perfect balance of the sweetness and oriental notes.

What’s your favourite perfume at the moment? Have you tried Gucci Guilty Black or Gucci Guilty before?

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