If there was an anti-aging cream which would give you baby like skin forever but it’s on the really expensive side… Would you get it straight away? Do you sometimes wish that there was one ultimate product that gives you everything you want? Well let’s be honest… We know that it’s not gonna happen, so we shouldn’t get our hopes up. Filorga Time Filler claims to be the absolute wrinkle correction cream, is it?

I haven’t heard about Filorga before this calendar. Even though I go to M&S regularly, I must have missed it. A little bit info about Filorga… “For over 35 years, Filorga’s high performance medical solutions have been providing specialised solutions to combat skin ageing. Today, Filorga has become a leading provider of anti-ageing solutions for both the medical profession and general consumers”. When medical solution companies provide anti-aging solutions then you’d expect them to do wonders, don’t you? They have the resources so it shouldn’t be hard for them to come up with something revolutionary.

Let’s start with Filorga Time Filler(15ml) (absolute wrinkle correction cream)… It has cream-gel like consistency and sinks into the skin straight away. You can’t feel anything, which is good, especially if you’re planning to apply your makeup straight away. It is not like my beloved Kiehls’s Avocado Cream which takes quite a bit of time to fully sink in.

If you’re a skin junkie, then you would know the benefits of the main ingredients of Filorga Time Filler. Tripeptide is featured as a key ingredient, which is being used a lot in the anti-aging products lately. Beside that, hydrochloric acid is the other key element. This cream claims to reduce the appearance of frown lines by 19% after 3 days of using it. I don’t have deep wrinkles to I couldn’t notice any changes on my skin. I’ll carry on using it until I finish it to see if it has any effect on fine lines.

Filorga Time filler has slight floral scent, it reminds me of a perfume I used to use when I was a teenager. I prefer unscented products, luckily that scent doesn’t cause any irritation. I just wish companies should stop using perfume in skincare products.

Filorga Time Filler (50 ml) is £54, it is on the expensive side. I think in order to get the full effects of anti-aging products, you have to use it at least for a month or even longer. Also the best way to test this cream would be using it on more mature skin with visible wrinkles. Maybe that’s why, I couldn’t see any changes on my skin after a few weeks of using it. Would I recommend it? Well if you believe in the claims and want something light, then you should check this out. With my current skin condition, all I noticed was softness and brightness so it wouldn’t be something I’d invest on at the moment.

Have you heard Filorga before? What are your thoughts about all the claims of the anti-aging products?

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