The beauty industry is way different than how it was 10-15 years ago. Nowadays, there are so many brand alternatives as well as price alternatives. It is way easier to find high quality makeup products in drugstores too. So, if you are offered to take a challenge to create a party makeup only with drugstore products… what would your answer be? What would be in your drugstore party makeup menu?

Dinners, parties… There are so many events to attend, especially during this festive season. My makeup changes depending on my mood. Sometimes, I like to go all in with heavy eye makeup and bold lips and other time I just prefer light makeup with bold lips. Only one thing doesn’t change in my makeup and it is bold festive lips.

Affordable Drugstore Party Makeup Menu


Rimmel Match Perfection foundation is perfect for dewy skin. If you have oily/combination skin, you need to be careful with it, a little too much and you can end up looking like a disco ball. It has light to medium coverage, so you don’t need to worry about it being so heavy on the skin. Once the foundation is applied, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer will help you to cover up your under eyes. It has medium to high coverage, so make sure not to apply a lot, otherwise it will be hard to blend in properly. Once you have your base ready, with Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder & Highlighteyou can achieve a nice bronzed look. It is really light, so you can just build it up depending on how intense you want your bronzer to look. It also has a highlighter, which I haven’t really used because it is really hard to work with. KIKO Colour Veil Blush in 01 Pink is a lovely shade of pink and the finish is really close to Max Factor Cream Puff Blush. To finish your skin, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer is a great choice, it gives a beautiful glow.


In order to achieve a best festive makeup, there’s nothing better than using shimmery eyeshadows. Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Eyeshadow in Metallic Pomegranate and On and On Bronze makes such a good duo. You can apply bronze shade on your crease as a transition shade and purple shade as the main colour then just blend it. I like the finish look, that’s how I’ve been wearing it recently. I don’t know if they last for 24 hours, however, I know that they last for hours, and they don’t smudge easily. Once you apply Soap&Glory SuperCat Eyeliner, you don’t need to worry about your eyeliner fading or smudging. It is one of the best eyeliners and it still looks intense even after hours. If you haven’t given it a try yet, you should really change it. To finish off the eye makeup, Rimmel London Supercurler 24HR Mascara can be a good choice. With a few coats of it, you can have curled and full lashes. Before lips, last step can be having perfect looking brows. Soap&Glory Archery will do the job for you, you can just draw your brows and make them look natural.


When it is a festive season, there’s no excuse for wearing bright lips. Reds, berries, cherries, burgundies are the colours to go for. KIKO Intensely Lavish Lipstick in 05 Heavy Cherry is a beautiful cherry/red mixed colour. Pomegranate shimmery eye makeup and cherry lips compliment each other. This combo will definitely make you feel festive and ready for parties.

This is what I think would be perfect for a drugstore party/festive makeup. Which products would you choose for your drugstore party makeup?

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