Volumized Lashes with Kiko Building Base Coat

With every mascara advertisement, volumized and long lashes are promised to us.  How many mascaras have you tried in order to find the perfect mascara that gives you full volumized lashes like how it looks in  many advertisements? How many times do you have to tell yourself that you won’t be fooled by the advertisement … Continue Reading

Everyday Nude Makeup Look

As the season changes, makeup routine changes too. But how about these transition period where it doesn’t quite feel like winter and also nothing like spring? Isn’t it the best time to lean towards nude makeup? Fresh looking almost makeup free look. Also, not to forget that nude makeup is one of the trends this year! … Continue Reading

KIKO Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick

We should appreciate the person who came up with an eyeshadow stick idea! They are lazy girls’ best friends; they are so easy to apply if you are in hurry. There are so many on the market, some are really good and some are really disappointing. How about KIKO Long Lasting Eyeshadow? Ela’s KIKO Long … Continue Reading

Drugstore Party Makeup

The beauty industry is way different than how it was 10-15 years ago. Nowadays, there are so many brand alternatives as well as price alternatives. It is way easier to find high quality makeup products in drugstores too. So, if you are offered to take a challenge to create a party makeup only with drugstore products… … Continue Reading