Why do nail polishes look different on everyone? One colour that flatters one doesn’t flatter others, even basic colours like nude or red. Everyone has their own colours which look absolutely flawless on them. Can rose gold be one of the colours that would look flattering on everyone? Ciate London South Beach Socialite set has mix of summery colours like Deco Light which would look good on the tanned skin…

It is hard to find a decent untouched product in TK Maxx. Most of them are either used or smashed, however when you find a store that’s not in the middle of a crowded town then you might get a chance. I found these Ciate London South Beach Socialite nail polishes for £7.99 (RRP £22), so it was an offer I couldn’t miss! This set has 3 minis and 1 full-size top coat. I can’t seem to finish nail polishes, so mini sizes are perfect for me. At least then I don’t need to throw nail polishes.

Ciate London South Beach Socialite set has gold toned summery colours in it as well as white, which is a must have colour in summer. Nail polish trends changes, however, some nail polishes will always stay classy!

Putting on the Ritz is the rose gold glitters in a clear base. I wouldn’t call it glitters, though, they are big chunks, which makes it easier to remove. You can use it as a top coat or just wear it on its own, it is just pretty!

Deco Delight is metallic rose gold nail polish, in order to achieve the perfect colour, you should apply at least 2 coats. It would look beautiful on tanned skin!

White Heat is opaque white colour. I don’t wear white nail polishes, so I only use it for french. Even after one coat, it gives the perfect colour and doesn’t look streaky at all. If you love white nail polishes, you should really check that out. The non-streaky finish will impress you.

This topcoat has to be one of my favourites. Most of the time I skipped base and top coat, however, since I got this I haven’t skipped it once. It makes my nail polish last longer and also makes it even shinier. Also if you love the coconut scent, then you will love how nice your nails smell. At first, it just smells like how nail polishes smell, once it dries you will get that hint of coconut scent.

These tiny bottles are perfect for travelling. Also, I love the wide brush, it makes the application quick and flawless. It takes awhile to dry, this is the only downside of these polishes, as I like my nails to be dry as quick as possible.

Which nail polishes are you enjoying lately? What’s your favourite Ciate London nail polish?

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