Autumn is approaching and in the late summer, the weather is unpredictable. One day you are having the best day of the summer and the next day you’re already in the middle of autumn. How can you switch through routines? Changing the makeup is easier than changing the wardrobe, though. There are some ways to transition your makeup routine and slowly get into the autumn mood. 

You might not be the fan of upcoming seasons, however, don’t you like all these colours? Berries, burgundies, colourful leaves and also the breathtaking view of nature… Instead of just complaining about it, we should just make the most of it. If you don’t have a berry lipstick, you should definitely buy one this year!

How can you transition your makeup routine and enjoy the late summer as well as the autumn like days? In order to transition your makeup routine, the first and easiest thing to do is playing with the colours rather than going for heavy products. You still want your skin to breath when it is a little bit warm outside. Changing the lipstick colour would be the easiest way to transform your makeup. It instantly changes the mood, wear bright colours like NYX Ibiza if you are in the summer mood or wear burgundy when you want to transition to the autumn mood. You’re the limit, you should just do whatever you feel like doing. There’s no problem in wearing bright pink lipstick in autumn or dark vampy lip in summer!

If you are not quite ready for wearing berries and burgundies, then there’s always brown or nudes you can opt for. When it is bright sunny outside then the last thing I want is to have vampy, dramatic makeup. You can wear muted pink lipsticks or 90s browns, it is one of the hot trends of this year.

Once you get your lip game sorted, then you can play around with the nail polishes. Metallic, dark or nude nails are perfect for all around the year. Berry lips and nude nails together look absolutely gorgeous… Small changes in the routine can make a big difference.

How to transition your makeup

Cream eyeshadows might not be the best long lasting products in hot months, however, once the temperature starts dropping down then they can be there to vamp your makeup. Bronze or pomegranate tones would brighten up a gloomy day.

The transition from summer to autumn doesn’t have to be so complicated, the colour change is a good way of starting the change. Play with the colours, come up with your own style, you don’t have to follow the crowd!

How do you transition your makeup routine? Which makeup trends are you excited about? Are you ready for the upcoming cold seasons? Even though I love autumn and colours, I am not ready for the cold yet…

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