Everyone wants to be more organised and get a lot done in a short time, however, is it that easy? Being organised is easy, with little changes there’s nothing you can’t do. Is there a secret formula? Well unfortunately, there’s not. How to be more organised is all in your hands.

I have always been one of the least organised people… There’s always so much on my list and have limited time to do them all. I am sure you know what I mean, I hope I am not the only one. When there’s so much to do, all I do is put myself under so much pressure and get nothing done, then everything is a big chaos. With a few changes in my daily routine, I managed to get things under control and be more organised.

How to Be More Organised

Time Management

Time management is not easy. Even though I had lectures of it during my university years, I am still not good at it. When you have so much on your list, spending too much time on a task might cause a big delay. When you plan your day, just make sure that you leave enough time for every task. Don’t fill your list, just because you want to finish so much in a day. Remember that you can’t be 100% productive all the time, which is normal. Don’t let the stress take control and ruin your day.

For instance, social media or online might take too much time. You wouldn’t even notice how fast the time passes. Sometimes I would spend over an hour on Pinterest and it would only feel like 10-20 minutes. Limiting social media time will give you enough time to deal with the other tasks. When everything is finished then you can just do whatever you want.


Whether you’re a blogger or not, when you have so much to do scheduling saves you so much  time. If you can’t handle too many tasks and there’s also blog content, the best thing you could do is scheduling your content. It will take the stress away from you and you will have time to do other things. One of the best tools for scheduling and organising the social media is Hootsuite, which I talked about on 5 useful blogging tools every blogger needs. All you need is 5-10 minutes to schedule the content, then let the tool handle it for you.

When you schedule your day properly, there will be so much time left. Important things should be the first priority. Always leave a good amount of time for your morning rituals and time for relaxing.

For instance, scheduling at least a week worth blog content is good. It’s one of the things I couldn’t do. I took most of my photos one day before or the same day that I scheduled the post and write it one day before. You can’t imagine the stress I went through when the things didn’t go as planned. A good lesson is learnt from these bad times, I must say I still struggle, however, I am trying to get better!


Making a plan before the new week is important. At least then you know your goals, plans and what is ahead of you. Sit down and write down all the things you have to do upcoming week. Whether you’re writing it down to a notebook or an app like Wunderlist, it is good to have a list, sometimes writing it to both comes handy. Prioritise your tasks and make sure to finish the important ones first. Leaving an importing task to a last minute is never a good thing!

One of the most important things is remembering that one day is only 24 hours. Diving the tasks according to their importance and time will help you make most of your day. If you have unimportant things to do, you don’t need to put them in your timed daily schedule but have them in your weekly one. When you have some free time, you can finish them and they are out of your list.

Simplify Your Life

Do you have a really messy desk or room where you can’t find anything? Things like that affect your life. When my room is so messy, I can’t do anything and get organised and also I keep postponing my tasks. Instead of having so many unnecessary items on your desk, just keep your desk tidy. Simple, small things can make a big difference in life, like a domino effect.

Have a Daily Routine

Routine can sound boring, however, it is a saviour. Routines like checking your emails at certain times, having a tech-free time and little bit of “me time”. At least it would help you estimate how much you could do in a day. At first getting into routine might not be easy, but never give up. Start with simple things like making your bed and tidying your room or simple things like leaving a tidy place before going to bed. After awhile you will do them without even thinking about it.

These are the things I am trying to do to get things under my control. In the end being organised all in your hands. How do you deal with the daily stress? What are your tips to be more organised? Do you have a daily routine?

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