Filorga Time Filler for Timeless Skin

If there was an anti-aging cream which would give you baby like skin forever but it’s on the really expensive side… Would you get it straight away? Do you sometimes wish that there was one ultimate product that gives you everything you want? Well let’s be honest… We know that it’s not gonna happen, so … Continue Reading

Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Rush Peel

How good are you at skincare? Do you know all the effects of the chemicals on your skin? If someone asks you what are the benefits of glycolic acid or pronalen fruit acids, would you be able to answer it? Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Rush Peel has these ingredients and more, but how effective are they? … Continue Reading

Bee Lovely Hand Cream

Even though hand creams are staple of many of us, one of the body part we neglect more is the hands. It feels like we don’t have that extra a few minutes to apply products to keep our hands soft… Like baby skin soft! Can Bee Lovely Hand Cream make your hands as soft as … Continue Reading

25 Christmas blog post ideas

I know it will be a cliché to say but do you also agree that 2016 has passed so quickly? It feels like time flies and now we are only 31 days away from a brand new year. Whether you’re planning to participate Blogmas or you need some festive blog post ideas, you can find … Continue Reading