Let’s Talk Biggest Beauty Regrets

What’s beauty? Beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. Beauty can be a crucial thing. We all make beauty mistakes, however, when you look back to your old photos, do they turn into beauty regrets? Looking back old photos can bring back good … Continue Reading

Trusty Makeup: Trusty Mascara

Are you picky when it comes to picking up a mascara? Or you have one trusty mascara that you keep purchasing all the time? Which category do you fit in? Beauty world offers a lot, however, finding a trusty makeup product is not that easy. Mascara has to be one of the makeup items that I … Continue Reading

First Impression – ColourPop Haul

Who doesn’t like a good quality and affordable makeup products… ColourPop ticks all these boxes when it comes to affordable and good quality products. They have pretty extensive colour range and products. When there are so many positive things about ColourPop, it’s time to have the first ColourPop haul! After seeing ColourPop products everywhere online, … Continue Reading

Autumn Colours for Autumn Makeup

If you have to choose one colour for your autumn makeup, which autumn colour would you choose? There are so many autumn colours from Aura red to spicy mustard, so the options are limitless. 2016 Autumn colours are all about unity of strength, confidence and complexity, so it is time to show the confidence! I … Continue Reading