Have you ever struggled to wake up on Monday mornings? Like snoozing the alarm countless times, thinking a few extra minutes would make us feel better. I am sure we all did that a lot! Instead of feeling like shipwreck on Mondays, there must be some ways to make Monday better.

Monday is probably one of the least loved days of the week. After a long weekend, going back to work isn’t appealing, is it? We can just complain about it all the time, but unfortunately it won’t change anything. Let’s make Mondays better with a little actions we take, maybe then we might end up loving Mondays!

5 Ways to Make Monday Better

Take Your Time

After a long relaxing weekend or the opposite, the last thing you’d want is to rush things around. Instead of starting your day straight away, take your time. Check your phone, watch funny videos or read news, do things that won’t require too much effort. Don’t forget to open the curtains to let some light into the room. After getting into the mood then you can step out of the bed for a cup of hot drink or a delicious morning smoothie. It is good to start your day happy!

Morning Coffee/Tea

Whether you are a coffee lover or tea lover, caffeine is one of the things that will make you instantly awake. A cup or two before stepping out of the door will give you the boost and energy, however make sure to drink a glass of water before you start your day with a cup of coffee! Drinking water (especially cold) in the morning speeds up the metabolism. Maybe you might even be up for a morning exercise after the energy refuel! Just keep in mind that 300-400 mg of caffeine is the healthy intake, which is around 5 shots of espresso or 1 Starbuck large coffee!

5 Ways to Make Monday Better - How you start your week will affect your whole week, so instead of starting it with complaining, let's make things better.

Cold Shower

You might be a fan of Sunday night pamper routine with hot bath, but how do you feel on Monday mornings? It might help you fall asleep instantly on Sunday night but the next morning might not be as how you expected it to be. Hot bath relaxes the muscles and also the weight of the water will make the body feel tired. If you can’t have a Sunday without bath then just make sure to have it earlier so your body will have time to rest. Taking cold shower in the morning might not sound good, but it has many benefits. It will increase the alertness of the body, which means overall oxygen intake will increase and the heart will beat faster. When the heart beats faster, more blood will be pumped, then this will give a dose of energy for the day. This is just one of the benefits of the cold shower! At least once in awhile take cold shower, it is good for the skin and hair too!

Light Sunday Meal

I know we are talking about Mondays, however the things you do on Sunday will affect your Monday. Don’t go heavy on the food and drinks. You don’t want to go to bed with full tummy or you don’t want to have bad hangover in the morning. Minimising the heavy food and alcohol intake will help your body feel more alert, instead of heavy and sleepy. You can always start your Monday with a mouthwatering breakfast, so keep your appetite for that.

Weekly Goals

Did you know that when you have some weekly goals, it helps you to focus more and work harder? Think about it this way… Without weekly goals, you have nothing to aim towards. Every Sunday night, set yourself a few goals, don’t be too hard to yourself and keep them as reasonable as possible. When you have some goals, you will want to start your Monday with high hopes and good motivation.

When you start your day good, thing will be easier for you. At least consider some of these ways to make Monday better. One little change at a time, just take things slow on Monday instead of diving into so much stress!

How do you start your Mondays? Do you have any ways to make Monday better? Can you give some tips?


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