We all need a relaxing weekend once in a while. Don’t you think so? In order to free our heads, a weekend where only relaxing activities involved might be a good way of doing it. A relaxing weekend might sound crazy for some, but after a busy week this is the least you could do for yourself.

Some of us probably don’t have power left after work, so we all leave our plans or to-do list to the weekend, then make ourselves exhausted. After a stressful week, having a stressful weekend will not be a good way of starting a new week. Instead of doing that, treat yourself and have a relaxing weekend.

Relaxing Weekend Tips

1. Watch

Most of us probably don’t have time to watch our favourite TV shows or films, so why don’t you leave some time at the weekend and enjoy your shows? Take some snacks (whether you like healthy snacks like kale chips or you like having a bar of chocolate or crisps) and also some drinks. Then get under the blanket and enjoy whatever you are watching. Just make sure you don’t spend the whole day watching something.

2. Take a Walk

If you have a full time job, studying or something like that, having time for a long walk might not be that easy. You might not like taking walks during peak time (which I absolutely hate, I don’t like rushing around) since it might be the only time you have. So why don’t you use the weekend wisely and go for a walk? Whether you like mountains, countryside or the city centres, just do something good for your body and move! Walking will also help you clear your head.

3. Bake

Did you know that baking is one of the most relaxing activities? When you are start preparing everything for baking, your stress level drops and you can enjoy what you are doing. The smell of freshly baked cake or cookies will increase your happiness level. Also, think about eating chocolate cookies with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Things can’t get better than this.

4. Read

Reading is good… It is good for your brain and for yourself, so grab a book. If you find a catchy one then you won’t notice how fast time flies. If you don’t want to stay at home, but still want to read your book, go to a local coffee shop, find a good spot and enjoy reading the book. Reading will help you to escape your everyday life and let’s you forget about all the things that might trouble you at the moment. Take some time off your everyday life and dive into a new world!

5. Pamper

How often can you have “me time”? We have time for everything, but leaving some spare time for pampering might seem too much. If you have a bath, choose a relaxing bath bomb or bath gel, make good bubbles, light some candles and play some relaxing music. Even grab a glass of wine and just let the time fly by and feel your every tensed muscle relaxing. Then carry on with your skin & body care routine. If you have silk PJs, then put them on because your body will love it.

6. Relax

Last but not least… Relax! Don’t do any house work for once, don’t worry about anything, and just have a relaxing weekend. After a long week, some of you might worry about the upcoming week and think about doing some work, but don’t do it. Stop worrying about the work, stop going to bed late and give yourself the time you need. Also, you can get yourself a colouring book and start colouring it however you want. Remember how fun they were when you were kid and it is really relaxing! Just don’t forget that sleeping too much doesn’t actually mean relaxing. When you sleep more than you should, ideally it is around 7-8 hours, you would actually feel even more tired. Time is important, so don’t waste it!

How is your ideal relaxing and stress free weekend? How often do you actually have a relaxing weekend?

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