We are almost in the middle of Autumn and days are getting colder each day and we are not so far away from Winter. Like every other season I have some essentials that I can’t go without in this season (I won’t even mention coats and boots as my Autumn essentials).

Autumn Essentials


If you’re leaving home so early, you will know how freezing it gets and never get your head cold, otherwise it will give you so bad headache.


It is a multipurpose essential. It keeps you warm and if you don’t have a hat and it is cold you can just wrap around your head! Also it changes the look of your outfit, so win win.

Lip Balm

I use lip balm quite a lot, however, especially in colder days it is a product that I can’t leave without. If I go a day without applying it, my lips will be so dry and I can’t use any lipstick.

Hand Cream

We probably use hand creams frequently, however, it gets used a lot in colder months. If you want soft hands like baby skin then you shouldn’t forget using it a few times everyday. You should have a look at my post Let’s Talk Best Hand Creams.

Dark Makeup

This is one of the thing I like doing in Autumn. Bold lips and bold nails are perfect for a/w and I seem to wear them frequently. If you’d like to see my autumnal look then please check my post Minimal Autumn Makeup.

These are my 5 Autumn Essentials. What are yours?

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