Whether you like it or you don’t, we are officially in Autumn now. Even if you’re the hater of Autumn, there are quite a few things to love about Autumn. You might be shaking your head to disagree, however, who are we joking? You might at least be enjoying how colourful the nature gets, right?

Weather might not be as hot as summer and the shorter days might be your nightmare, however, there are a few things which can but a smile on your face about autumn. We can’t get everything we want, so it is best to enjoy the things we have and make the most of it.

5 Things to Love About Autumn


I am not talking about the middle of autumn, but the beginning… Even though the sky might be gloomy, the colourful leaves will definitely cheer you up. All these yellow to reddish colour leaves flying around can change the mood straight away.

Cosy Nights

Don’t you hate it when it is so hot outside that it gets almost impossible to sleep? Did you know that you can rest more and take proper night sleep when it is a little bit cooler in the room? Just take the advantage of the cooler nights, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and get under the blanket to watch your favourite TV shows. You have an excuse to go to an autumn shopping, you can get colourful and fluffy blankets.

Style & Makeup

Autumn makeup is colourful and dramatic. There’s something for everyone, even if you are not a fan of these dramatic colours. Berry tones on nails and makeup is something everyone should try out. Also it is easier to dress up in autumn than summer. When it is bloody hot outside and even the thinnest thing you wear can get you hot. Layering up your favourite pieces and creating your own style is fun. It is the sweater weather…

New Things

Autumn is the season where companies release their new products and also the TV series are back from their break. See at least one thing to look forward too! Pumpkin spice latte and all these seasonal food&drink are out. When you are craving something sweet, how about having some ginger cookies? Also you Halloween, Christmas and New Year are not that far away now. I love how festive everywhere gets once we are in Autumn.

Fun Things

You can start knitting, it is so relaxing so it will take your stress away. You can make all these colourful scarves and even sweaters if you are willing to try something harder. Also you can come up with so many autumnal diy decoration ideas. Pine cones, colourful leaves… Things wouldn’t get any better. Also now you can bake your pumpkin or ginger spiced cookies or cakes, no one will question you. Also it is time to start burning your favourite spicy candles. See, even though it might not be your favourite season, there are so many things to do!

Instead of getting all moody, just make the most of Autumn. Take a short trip to forest and just enjoy that magnificent view. Do you love autumn? What are the things you love about autumn?

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