Long time no see, right? But hey I’m back now. A lot has been going on since April, so I couldn’t really get back to blogging earlier. I thought it would be a good idea to share a little bit about the life once a month with life lately posts. 

Life Lately | June 2017 – Bits of Life

  1. Scotland | Highlands Trip: Went to Loch Ness at the end on May for a week and we came back 3rd of June. Before that, I’ve only been to Edinburgh and Glasgow so it was nice seeing other parts of Scotland. If you’re a nature lover and prefer the nature getaways rather than the city holidays, definitely consider going to Highlands. There are so many places to see and one week wasn’t enough to explore it all. My favourite place has to be the Isle of Sky, unfortunately, we only had a day trip there so maybe next time… Soon I’ll be sharing the photos!
  2. SD Card got corrupted: When you go to a holiday and plan on taking so many photos, the last thing you’d want is SD card to stop working. It happened on the first day of the trip, I don’t know what caused it but all I could say is I was annoyed. Luckily we had an SD card in the car so I managed to use it and take some photos.
  3. New Job: After a little bit of job search, I can confirm that I have a full-time job now. Before that, I was working part time, project based. Now I’m the project coordinator of a European Union Funded 4th Industrial Revolution project in Liverpool City Region. I already had some experience working with the other partner of the project and now I’m working for Science and Technology Facilities Council. It is a big career change for me. I’m a mechanical engineer with advanced manufacturing master’s degree and moving to project management is not the easiest. Let’s see how it will go.
  4. Driving Theory Test: I have my licence since 2011, however, I am only allowed to drive in the UK for a certain time(international licence sucks!) and I had to apply for the UK licence. I took the theory test last weekend and managed to pass it the first time. Now I just need to book in my driving test, the earliest date I could see was in September…

These are the main things I could think of. At least I could stop worrying about finding a job and passing tests. I’m planning to get back to my routine of posting 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have a lot to catch up, I really miss reading blogs and interacting with fellow bloggers.

What has been going on in your life lately? Do you have any plans for July?

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