Have you ever wondered the difference between volumising and lengthening mascaras? What makes them different? How can a mascara be that way and promises you all these things when your lashes are the same and the mascara is just a mascara, unless it has some magical elements in it.

There are so many mascaras out on the market, all of them promise to give us something we want. Some of these mascaras are designed to lengthen, some to volumise, some to curl and some to do all of these things. But how? The main things the companies want to take the attention on is either volumising effect or lengthening effect. It is easier to achieve volumised lashes, all you need to apply a few coats of mascaras then you get full looking lashes. However, how can a product make the lashes look longer? Fibre mascaras, like L’Oreal Paris False Lash Flutter mascara, can give this length, but not every mascara has fibres in it (sometimes I check the ingredients). Except fibre mascaras, I actually have a few theories! Maybe I am so wrong but at least these are what I could think of…

Let’s start with the first one, if you ever checked your lashes closely you will see that the end of the lashes are so thin, some of them are almost hard to notice. So when you apply lengthening mascara then just because mascaras get the thin parts of lashes more visible, can we actually consider them as lengthening? Even with volumising mascaras, you can get to those bits anyway, right?

My second theory is the formula of lengthening mascaras can somehow create a physical bond or even chemical like how we learnt in chemistry classes. How likely is it though?

My third and the last theory is those mascaras have micro particles, something like fibre mascaras, then this theory is basically same as my second one. 

Advertisements can be fooling as the companies have a super saviour like Photoshop to make everything look like how they promise, but in reality it is not like that most of the time. Volumising effect is more believable than lengthening effect, so maybe it is the volumising effect that fools us, who knows? So I don’t really believe in this lengthening effect, I might change my mind in the future, however, so far I haven’t found one that would wow me!

What are your thoughts about lengthening mascaras? What do you think makes the difference between volumising and lengthening mascaras? I am open to any theory!

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