Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you might be planning your perfect date to share the love with your other half, but have you ever thought what makes the perfect date? What if your ideal perfect date idea is not the ideal date for your other half? What’s your perfect date ideas?

It doesn’t matter whether you already tied the knots or you are single. Don’t we all like planning our perfect date in our heads? A date that will make butterflies in our tummy, the one that you will always cherish. However just planning won’t take us anywhere, unless we make it happen. Before you make your perfect date ideas real, don’t forget to think about your other half too. You wouldn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable or make him pretend he’s enjoying it. Just think about the things both of you would enjoy, like who doesn’t like walking or going to cinema right?

Perfect Date Ideas for Spending Time With the Loved One

Money shouldn’t matter

Nowadays money is associated with everything, being broke or limited budget shouldn’t stop you from planning your perfect date. You can still come up with ideas where you spend either no money, or just a little. Taking a walk along the seaside, hiking to see the sunrise (if you’re an early bird) or sunset are free, no one will charge you to enjoy the perfect view! You could take a bottle of wine, and a blanket, so you could sip your wine as the sun fades away.

Fancy restaurants doesn’t mean a perfect date

Some of you could think having a lunch or dinner in a fancy restaurant would be a perfect date, but what if you can’t book a table or what if you can’t afford it? You should look for local restaurants, if you don’t know any, there’s nothing Google won’t find and you might be surprised to see what you can find. Think about the good side, local restaurants are not as crowded as fancy ones and they won’t expect you to leave as soon as you finish your food.

Coffee shops for chatting

Most of the time we are so caught up with the work/life stress that we hardly have time to have a decent chat with the other half. Going to a quiet coffee shop, having your favourite cup of coffee and a slice of a cake sound like a treat. You won’t notice how the time flies by and chatting will definitely take your stress away. If you have kids, then I’m sure having some quiet time would be good for both of you.

Picnic is always a good idea

Prepare your favourite snacks, find somewhere you both like and just wish it will be sunny, so you can just lay on the grass and watch the sky. To me, it is one of the perfect date idea as I don’t like overpacked places and all the noise is annoying.

Drive to countryside

If you like discovering new places, and tired of the crowded city then take some time off from your current routine and plan your perfect date. Make your perfect playlist, plan a route then enjoy discovering the unknown. It is just like taking a short vacation from your everyday life. You will definitely enjoy it and think how much fun it would get if you get lost!

These are my ideal perfect date ideas and as I said before you can plan your perfect date without spending a penny. How would you imagine your perfect date? What’re your perfect date ideas? How was the best date you’ve ever had? Share your perfect date ideas so maybe it would be useful for some of us!

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