Trends come and go, but some trends will never go out of style, like pearls, stud earrings and some minimalist pieces. Have you ever thought what makes the jewellery timeless? What I know is timeless jewellery pieces should be versatile. I could say Swarovski has some elegant jewellery, which can be timeless and classic.

If you don’t like statement pieces then simple but elegant jewellery is what you might like. I am a simple girl, I’ve never been into those eye catching big pieces and I don’t think they really suit me. Also, if you want something you can wear day and night then going for classic and simply chic designs will be the best option. For instance, think about pearl earrings, they are simple, they will always be trendy, so I guess it is a timeless piece as well as a diamond/crystal stud earrings.

On my birthday I was lucky enough to get my first Swarovski jewellery. A Necklace and earrings set from my parents, and a bracelet from my fiancé. It is such a coincidence that they ended up picking the pieces from the same collection, so now I have the complete set of Miranda Kerr’s Duo Star collection from Swarovski.

Swarovski Bracelet by Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr designed some adorable pieces for Swarovski, like cloves, snowflakes and evil eyes as well as this star set that I have. All these pieces are similar, they have one rose gold coated metal piece, one piece with sparkling crystals and one bigger coloured crystal and also some tiny ones. The star set has a blue crystal, whereas cloves one has green crystal.

The Duo Star Set and Duo Star Bangle will probably be some of my jewellery box staples. They are simple and catchy. An everyday necklace, which you could also wear for night out, star earrings, which might not be the timeless piece you would expect and a bracelet, which is a mix of trendy and classic. So, you don’t really need a big piece of jewellery to make your timeless and classy piece, all you need to do is finding out what you like the most.

Timeless jewellery from Swarovski Miranda Kerr range

Timeless can mean anything, it is all about the way you think and imagine. You might hate pearls so they will never be your timeless piece, so actually narrowing down the list to decide what are timeless jewellery is not easy. In the end, we are all different and we shouldn’t live by the lists and the rules of fashion!

What are your thoughts about timeless jewellery? Is there any jewellery that you can’t go without? Do you have anything from Swarovski?

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