Don’t you hate it when your skin gets really dry in winter and you have to be extra cautious?  Taking long hot bath might be tempting when it is freezing outside, but are you sure your skin will be happy about it? Once you leave the hot bath, diving into body products would be the best option. If you’re one of these people who struggle with dry skin, then The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter might be the feast your skin is looking for!

This is Why Moringa Body Butter is My Dry Skin Hero

Even though I have oily skin, winter is an exception. My face gets dry, still oily but also dull looking and rest of my body gets really dry. I can’t even go a day without applying body lotion, otherwise my skin will get flaky. Do you have the same problem?  I’m a fan of The Body Shop body butters, but I haven’t used body butter for dry skin before. The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter was given as a gift, I didn’t know if it would be suitable for my skin, but since I have it I should as well give it a try, right?

I love the smell of most of The Body Shop products and this wasn’t an exception. Once I opened the lid, all I could smell was rich floral scent, it is not overwhelming , but subtle scent. This scent might not be for everyone, if you’re not really into floral scents then you will probably hate it. Also, bare in mind that, depending on how much body butter you apply, your perfume might fade away quickly. When I’m using Moringa Body Butter, I either go for floral perfumes or don’t use anything. This scent will linger for hours, even after a long day you can still smell this beautiful floral scent.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter has cocoa and shea butter (which are great for the skin), so these butters will help to keep your skin soft and give the moisturise your skin needs. This body butter is soft and creamy, all you need to do is massage it to your skin, your skin will absorb it quickly and you will be left with well moisturised, soft and silky skin.  Good thing is you won’t have that greasy feeling, which some body butters give.

If you have oily skin and it only gets dry after shower/bath, I would recommend you to apply it only after the shower and stay away from it rest of the time. This rich body butter will not be the best for you. Moringa body butter is perfect for dry/normal skin, your skin will get so soft and you don’t have to worry about getting dry patches.

I use it when my skin feels really dry and needs extra care. I know I can rely on The Body Shop –  Moringa Body Butter! I also use it as a hand cream too, my hands are well protected and feel really soft.

What’s your favourite body butter? What are your winter body care essentials? Have you used The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter before?

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