I am sure most of us have so many nail polishes, summer shades, winter shades; so many that sometimes we end up buying similar colours because we just can’t remember! But how many of them do we actually use? In this post I want to talk about Pastel Summer Nails…

Summer should be all about bright, playful nails. I like colourful bright shades more in summer, but also there are some nude, pastel colours that I can’t leave behind.

These are my favourite Pastel Summer Nails

As bright shades I think neon pinkscoralsorangey colours are perfect for hot summer days. They really compliment the tanned skin! I can say coral and pink are the shades I’ve worn quite a lot until now. We also shouldn’t forget the blues and the greens. There are so many lovely shades perfect for summer look (Blossom Dandy, Breakfast in Bed and so on), however I am one of those people who don’t have any luck with these colours *sigh* They just don’t look right when I wear them, if you know what I mean… So they are unfortunately off my list!

Pastel tones always have this special place in my life. When I want a natural look, I reach them all the time. Light dusty pinksnude colours are my go-to colours. I really like nudes with some glittery coating on top, it really looks nice. Also we shouldn’t forget French manicure; it is perfect for every season so it is one of the things I go for in summer too.

What is your favourite Pastel Summer Nails colour?

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