Do you follow the latest beauty trends? When you check magazines or online, there are so many trends flying around. It must be hard to decide which one to try. Some of them are edgy and some are relatively easy to follow. Let’s be honest here, which hottest beauty trends would you actually follow this year?

When there are so many trends out there, it gets really confusing, doesn’t it? Some of the hottest beauty trends are thick brows, white eyeliners or black lips. Can you imagine yourself wearing black lips in summer or any time of the year? I think I will skip this trend and check others. I am sure there are some others I can try.

10 Hottest Beauty Trends

Defined brows

After the thin brow trends, now statement bold brows is a trend for a few years, but this year it is even more on the spotlight. Look at the high street brands like Benefit, they are all coming up with brow products for defined brows. If you didn’t hop on the defined statement brow trend, then definitely give it a try. The brows defines the face and you can actually skip makeup when you get glammed up brows.

Glossy makeup is a thing

Who would ever think that glossy makeup would be a thing? When I say glossy, I mean like sweaty look. It looks like you applied lip gloss on your cheeks, eyelids and wherever you can think of. If your makeup ends up looking so shiny, you don’t need to worry about powdering. When someone tells you something about your makeup, then you have a decent excuse you can give. Even MAC has gloss coat which can help you create the glossy look!

Colourful Lips

Who doesn’t like colourful lips, especially in Summer? However, when I say colourful, I don’t mean reds or pinks, I mean like dark purples, blues and blacks. Can you imagine yourself wearing black lipstick in Summer? You can wear one of those odd colours and maybe apply a little bit of gloss on it to make it stand out more!

What the hell is Maximalism?

Have you ever heard the term maximalism before? I didn’t know what maximalism is until back in May. Basically, it is a reaction against minimalism, so the philosophy is “more is more”. If you end up applying really thick eyeliner, just leave it that way and try to leave the rest relatively minimal! So you can use it on anything like having a really bold statement lip or just having really strong eye makeup, don’t worry about over doing it! Go for gold glittery eye makeup, people might give you odd stares, but who cares?

Clumpy spider lashes

20th century trends are coming back, so if you want to be ahead of the trends just look back and come up with your own trends. The next day you might end up seeing it on every shiny magazine! When you apply more than two coats of mascara, your lashes might end up looking funky and spidery, don’t worry about it! Spider lashes will make your makeup standout more, even if it is not something you like then there’s no harm giving it a try at least one time. With a pinkish nude lipstick, you can actually achieve really romantic makeup look with it.

Eyeliner is not just black

Check Pinterest, check magazines, there are so many makeup looks with odd eyeliner colours like white, cobalt blue or bright pink. Who would ever think that white eyeliner would actually be one of the hottest trends? Can you imagine yourself wearing white eyeliner? I am still hesitating to give this trend a go. Also, you can use sparkly glitters to make your wing stand out!

Reddish orangey eye makeup

If you’re a beauty addict, then you are probably aware of Anastasia Beverly Hill’s new eyeshadow palette Modern Renaissance. Look at the colours and you will know which colours are on the hit. Whether it is your thing or not, orange or red eyes is really a thing and there are many loving it!

Gold is all over

You don’t need to wait for Christmas to glam up and wear gold colours on your makeup and on your nails. Have you noticed gold sparkly lipsticks? They really look different! You can skip the glitters if you want to wear it day time. When you find one gold that would suit your skin tone then it can actually be something you might enjoy wearing.

Fringes are back

Fringe is making a come back this year and I am one of these people who actually followed that trend! Whether you have it long or short, it looks different on everyone. When was the last time you actually had fringe? Once in awhile it is good to challenge yourself and take a risk, even if you don’t like it, your hair will grow back anyway. So take the risk and give that a try!

Play around with your hair style

Are you one of those people who make the same hair style over and over again? If so then it is time to change it. Braids, loose curls, beach waves are some styles you can try out and they are trendy. Why don’t you try fishtail braid? I learnt how to do it by watching Youtube videos and getting compliments is good.

These are my favourite 10 hottest beauty trends, which are taking a lot of attention in the beauty world. Some are easy and some take a lot of courage to try out, but in the end, beauty should be fun!

What do you think about 2016’s hottest beauty trends? If you would come up with your own beauty trends, which trends would be your hottest beauty trends?

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