Ultimate cream… What do you think ultimate cream should do? Transform your skin and make you look 5-10 years younger? Or cream that actually delivers what it claims? Is there a product that actually delivers all its claims? Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream claims a lot… Can it be the ultimate cream that we are looking for?

I am still looking for that one product to rule them all(such a fan of LOTR). Have you found your ultimate product yet? I’ve only tried a few products from Formula before, mostly cleansers. Finding this Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream (15 ml) in the M&S advent calendar gave me a chance to explore more of the brand. I’m not the one drawn into big claims as most of the time they end up being advertisement tricks.

Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream is a new addition to M&S’s own brand Formula Absolute skincare line. When you check the ingredient list, there are so many beneficial ingredients from niacinamide to oils… Ingredients that help to hydrate, regenerate and brighten the skin. It has bold claims. “Skin looks like you’ve had 8 hours sleep (even when you haven’t)“. Who wouldn’t want that, especially when you keep having sleepless nights? Apparently, after using that cream, you wake up to more rested and younger looking skin… Yes, please! Some of the other claims are transforming the skin 10 ways after 4 weeks of use. I can’t tell much about the long-term benefits, but I could agree with some of these claims.

I like the consistency of Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream. It is rich without being too heavy, it is lightweight and it sinks into the skin straight away. There’s no greasy feeling at all. Some night creams might be on the greasy side, luckily this is not like that. It has light fragrance which is not overwhelming and fades away quickly.

I replaced it with my regular night cream to test it out. All you do is take a pea size and massage into the skin before going to bed. And the result? The first day of using it, my skin looked brighter and after a few of using it, my face looked smoother, plumper and radiant. I can’t say anything about the effects on deep lines. It claims to reduce the appearance of deep lines, which would be a miracle for more mature skin.

Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream is £22 for 50 ml. If you are looking for a night cream that would give you brighter and smoother skin then you should check this out. There are over 70 ingredients in it and it makes me wonder why they use so much. It is nothing revolutionary, it won’t make you look 5-10 years younger in a month, but it is a good cream. Price wise it is not bad as well, creams that claim that much usually cost way more than this.

Have you tried Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream or any Formula products from M&S?

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