Face mask is one of the products that I can’t skip in my weekly skincare routine. I wasn’t a fan of multi-masking awhile ago, it was too much of a hassle, however, after seeing the advantages of it, I’m a pro multi-masking person now. Filorga MESO Mask Smoothing Radiance Mask is the latest addition to my mask pile.

The first ever Filorga product I tried was Filorga Time Filler for Timeless Skin and it was the only product I tried until recently. Filorga MESO MASK Smoothing Radiance Mask is the second product in M&S Advent Calendar. The first impression of Filorga wasn’t bad so I was keen on trying the radiance mask. I didn’t know what to expect from the mask since there’s not many comments or reviews about it. I always like to read about the products before I actually test them, but this one was a gamble… Luckily not a bad one!

It has cream like texture which is lightly fragranced. Even though it has cream like texture, once you put it on the face, it dries quickly, so you don’t need to worry about having a sticky face. It gives tingly feeling which is not unbearable and it feels gentle on the skin. If you have a really sensitive skin, you might find it a little irritating but I can tell that it gets less in time.Rhamnose polysaccharide soothes irritations, instantly and lastingly evens out and brightens the complexion.

What are the ingredients? It contains some promising ingredients like rhamnose polysaccharide, which soothes irritations instantly and lastingly evens out and brightens the complexion. NCTF®, a polyrevitalizing anti-aging complex used in nonsurgical anti-aging procedures and is known to increase skin density has also been integrated into the masks formula. Apart from those two, there’s also Niacinamide which improves the local circulation and also brightens the skin, biotin and sweet almond oil. All promising, isn’t it?

How do I use it? I’ve been using it twice a week for the last 2 weeks. Most of the time I double cleanse my skin before applying masks anyway, but I make sure to do that when I apply this mask. First, cleanse for cleaning the makeup and the second cleanse with an exfoliating face wash. Once the skin is clean and dry, I apply a layer of the mask all around my face. You don’t need to apply a thick layer of it, a good well-distributed layer is more than enough. After applying it, you can enjoy a cup of tea or your favourite show. I usually leave it on my skin around 20-25 minutes and remove it with a damp muslin cloth. After that, I carry on my regular skincare routine.

How does the skin feel after the mask? You can’t really expect to see much of a difference after the first use(especially the anti-aging benefits), however, I could assure that the skin feels thoroughly exfoliated, smoother and hydrated. After the second use, the skin looks brighter. Products like this give the best result after a long time use. It is definitely one of the products to watch out!

Filorga MESO MASK Smoothing Radiance Mask is £40 for 50ml at Marks and Spencer. It is a little bit on the expensive side, however, a little goes a long way. Would I repurchase it? Maybe when I fancy an expensive face mask. I will keep using it weekly to assess how my skin gets until I finish the 15 ml tube. I like how it makes my skin feel though, clearer and hydrated! It delivers what it has to do, isn’t it what you are looking for when you buy a product?

Have you tried Filorga MESO MASK Smoothing Radiance Mask? Do you have any favourite Filorga products which you could recommend?

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