Trustworthy Makeup: Trusty Foundation

When you cover over 90% of your face with one product, you sure want it to be good, don’t you? Yes, we are talking about foundations. There are so many foundations in the market starting from as low as a few pound to over one hundred pound. If someone asked you which is your trusty … Continue Reading

Nail Polish Duos for Colourful Autumn

When we are in Autumn, sky might get gloomy however there’s one thin that doesn’t get gloomy… It is the beauty trends… Makeup, nails and even fashion. It is one of the seasons that your makeup gets all colourful so it is best to use this time better and maybe follow some autumn nail polish … Continue Reading

5 Steps to Perfect Brows

Don’t we all want well groomed fleeky brows? Is is so hard to achieve? Some years ago brows wasn’t a thing, however, now well defined brows are the trend. It is way better than 1920s the needle thin brows or 1990s less is more trend, do you want that trends back? It is best to … Continue Reading

Drugstore vs High End Eyeliner – Which one is better?

Are you good at applying eyeliner? Can you get it really precise that both of the wings look identical? Even after countless applications, there might be times where you mess it up. Sometimes even a little kid can draw it better! There are so many eyeliners in the market from drugstore to high end! If … Continue Reading