Yet another month has passed and we are only one month away from a new year. December is one of my favourite months, because it is joyful, festive and everything is so colourful. Since November is over, it is time to share my November favourites.

In November, I didn’t have many particular makeup items I constantly used, so this time it is a mix of everything. I enjoyed the cool weather under the blanket with a cup of hot drink as I was watching my favourite TV series, can it get any better than this?

My November Favourites 2015

Adele – 25

I’ve been a fan of Adele since she released her first album and since then I’ve always listened to her songs without getting bored, she has a strong voice! This album was released on 20th of November 2015 and it has been my most listened album, so I wanted to add it to my favourites. Are you a fan of Adele too?

Lindt Chocolate Owl

I love owls and my family and friends know it. That’s why they get me owl themed stuff from time to time. This chocolate tin is just adorable, isn’t it? When my future mother-in-law came to visit me, she brought it for me. I just really like the tin and tiny chocolates in it (Lindt chocolates are yummy).

Cacharel Amor Amor

This is one of the first perfumes I bought for myself. I’ve used it on and off for years, I don’t really get bored of it. I needed a small perfume to carry around, so I purchased this old fella and it has been in my bag in November.

theBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer

This peachy toned highlighter was used almost everyday in November. It is so soft and pigmented, you only need a tiny amount of it to get a beautiful and healthy glow. When you don’t feel like 100%, this will boost you up! You can check my post the Balm Lou Manizer if you’d like to know more about it.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Since my fiancé brought this to me, I stopped using my other concealers and kept using this one. November had been a rough month, so after sleepless nights, this concealer did a great job at covering dark circles.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

I have this nail polish in Loves Me Not for such a long time, however, I only wore it a few times before. In November, I mostly wore dark nails and this one was used quite a few times. With one coat it gives such a good coverage and also this dark shimmery purplish plum shade is beautiful.

These are my November favourites. How was your November and what are your favourites?

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