Are you one of those people that complete all the beauty/skincare routine before going to bed? If you are not in that group, you might have some products on your bedside table, right? With those bedside beauty essentials, you can complete the last steps of your beauty routine.

Even though I complete most of my beauty routine just before going to bed, there are some steps I leave till the very last minute, like applying hand cream or lip balm. That’s why I have some of the essentials on my bedside table. They are always there and I can’t remember a day that I haven’t used them.

Bedside Beauty Essentials

Hand Cream

If you are dealing with dry skin, you probably have a hand cream everywhere. Hand cream is one of my everyday essentials and I can’t skip applying it, otherwise my hands will get so dry instantly. Having a hand cream on the bedside table means, I can leave that step till I go to bed. Also it will absorb properly and there won’t be hand cream marks on all over the place. Depending on the season, my hand cream preferences change and you should change too. Choosing a hand cream depending on the season is important!

Lip Balm

Hi, my name is Ela and I have a confession to make… Well I am not sure if it is a confession! I’ve always suffered with dry lips and if I don’t use lip balm daily, my lips get so dry that I end up peeling the dry bits… I carry lip balm in my bag, I have it in my makeup drawer, bathroom and of course next to my bed. Whenever I feel like my lips are dry, it is the first thing I reach to. It is best to have a heavier lip balm at night, it will make the lips softer and better protected. Also at night when I drink water, I reapply to make sure that they will be soft in the morning.

There are some essentials that you should have on your bedside table. Hand cream, lip balm and facial mist are some of these bedside beauty essentials. Nuxe Reve de Miel® - Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm is one heavy duty lip balm that you can add to your bedside beauty essentials.

Face Mist

Sometimes in the mornings I like to stay in bed a little longer and check social media. Face Mist comes handy then. I can refreshen up without leaving the bed straight away after waking up. Also it prepares my skin to the upcoming skincare routine.


You might wonder why the water is on the list, well firstly you never know when you will get thirsty. Second water is one of the essentials for a beautiful skin. If you minimise the amount of water you drink, then you will see the effects of on your skin. Also when the heating is on, the hydration level in the air drops and it gets dry, so you’re more likely to get thirsty. So a glass of water on the bedside table can save you a trip to the kitchen.

These are the things I like to keep on my bedside table. It is clutter free and only the essentials you might need at night. You don’t need so many products on the bedside table, leave some place for a book as well! Also if you’re dealing with insomnia then having a sleep spray would be useful too.

What are your bedside beauty essentials? What are the things that you have to have on your bedside table?


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