Drugstore Party Makeup

The beauty industry is way different than how it was 10-15 years ago. Nowadays, there are so many brand alternatives as well as price alternatives. It is way easier to find high quality makeup products in drugstores too. So, if you are offered to take a challenge to create a party makeup only with drugstore products… … Continue Reading

Party Bag Essentials

Isn’t it one of the best times of the year? Everything is so colourful and festive. We are not far away from Christmas, which also means parties and gathering around with the loved ones. Before you leave your home, do you plan your party bag essentials or just throw random bits? Most of us don’t like … Continue Reading

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish

The festive season is approaching, so you can’t only think about your makeup or your dress, but you should also think about your nails too. If you are used to wearing neutral/pastel tones, it is perfect time to change it and go for vibrant and shiny nail polishes, for instance metallic ones can be a … Continue Reading

Mini Boots Haul

Boots is one of my favourite stores and I was visiting it a lot when I was living in the UK. There was a big one close to my home, so whenever I took a walk, I usually end up going there. Whenever my fiancé comes to visit me from the UK, he always brings me … Continue Reading