The festive season is approaching, so you can’t only think about your makeup or your dress, but you should also think about your nails too. If you are used to wearing neutral/pastel tones, it is perfect time to change it and go for vibrant and shiny nail polishes, for instance metallic ones can be a good start. Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish offers some really colourful and bright nail polishes…

I hardly wear metallic nail polishes and stick to my plain ones. I think they look really pretty, but maybe it is because of I am not used to wearing them. However, for a change and to brighten up my days, I seem to be wearing them more frequently. Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Berry Fusion is a pretty and deep berry/purple shade with metallic shine.

My Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Review

I am usually really lazy in terms on nails, so most of the time I skip applying base&top coat and complain about nail polish not lasting long, not being shiny or leaving stains. One coat of Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish kinda gives opaque to shiny finish, especially if you apply the first coat without a base coat then it will look really opaque. Therefore, if you want to have really shiny nail then you will need to apply a top coat. If you are not used to using a base coat, you might have a problem with this one. Dark shades, or let’s say berry fusion, stains the nails even after removing it a few hours later, so I’d suggest to not be lazy and apply a base coat so you won’t need to worry about your nails looking bad.

The first coat dries quickly (under 60 secs as claimed) and the wide brush makes the application really easy without causing strikes, however, for an even finish I’d suggest to wear at least 2 coats. If you’re in a rush and you don’t have time for it to dry then dip your nails in cold water, so your nail polish will dry quickly. Have you ever tried that?

Let’s talk about longevity… It is not really impressive. I used it for 2 days without chipping, but once it is chipped then it will peel off easily. It is really disappointing after Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish lasting more than 5 days. However, with a top coat you can make it last a day or two longer. You can check out more colours on the Maybelline website.

Have you used any from Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish? What is your favourite colour for this time of year?

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