A monochrome life can be a little boring, think of a world where you only see black&white but no other colour, how bad would it be? There are so many ways to add colours to your life, even if you are only into wearing monochromes it doesn’t mean that you can’t add some fun colours to your makeup, right? How about rose quartz or bright pink, it is good to be pretty in pink! 

Spring&Summer should be all about bright and fun colours, even though you might like a good berry lipstick, it might be time to leave it behind and lean towards pinks, corals and even orange, if you’re confident enough. You might not be confident enough to wear all pink makeup, but it is all about taking baby steps, one after another. You can give pink lips, eyes and blush a try, even if you don’t like any it is all about experimenting and finding what you actually like. One of the easiest ways to change the makeup is the lipstick, so why don’t you start pretty in pink with a pink lipsticks?

Pretty in Pink – How to Add Colour to Your Life

Pink Lips

Some people say “Every woman should have a red lipstick”, it is the same for pink as well. There are so many different shades of pink, from nude pink to bright pink, there’s one for everyone’s taste. Pink lips look good with natural/minimal makeup too, so you can easily achieve your effortless chic look with one step. You can choose something that is recommended for your skin tone. For instance, for fair skins peachy pinks, medium skin natural nude pinks and for deep toned skins more purple toned pinks. If you have some time to kill then you can take a short quiz to find your perfect shade of pink.

Pink Cheeks

Who doesn’t like soft pink coloured cheeks? Depending on your choise, you can have really natural look or dramatic one, it is all on your hands. Pink cheeks suit everyone and it goes perfect it almost every makeup, to make it more fancy you can add pinkish highlighter. For instance, baby peachy pinks are perfect for fair skin, just find your perfect pink cheek colour this season. Also glowy cheeks are in this Summer, so let’s give it a try.

Pink Eyes

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no harm giving it a try. Pink eye makeup suits blue/green eyes more, however, it is all about experimenting and mixing different colours. If you’re into neutral/brown eye makeup, you can use soft pinks as a crease colour and blend in well, so you don’t need to wear all pink eye makeup. Also, if you get sun kissed skin, then it is one of the colours you should try out.

Pink Nails

Who doesn’t like colourful nails? Wearing pink nails is the easiest way to add pink to your life, soft pink nails might be a good start point. If you already have some tan, bright pinks is your perfect colour. Just try some of spring&summer nail trends, they are really all fun.

We might all have our favourite makeup routine and colours, but there’s no harm trying different things, doing things we are not comfortable of doing. Just break the boundaries and try something different, like pink, purple, green, whichever you feel like experimenting. You can be pretty in pink or green or any other colour, it is all about wanting it! What are your favourite pink beauty essentials?

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