We spend so much time in front of the mirror just to get the perfect look, then we try to keep it perfect throughout the day, so we carry around tons of makeup in our bags. Instead of carrying tons of separate products, having a multipurpose palette would come handy. The brand new Smashbox Crush On Blush Palette is one these palettes that you might want to check out.

My fiancé is definitely a keeper! He didn’t only travel thousands of miles to surprise me on our anniversary but also he picked up a few bits for me to try out. I can say he probably feels more comfortable visiting Boots and walking through makeup isles just to make me happy. I am really happy with his picks, this Smashbox Crush On Blush Palette is one of them. And it is not officially released in the UK yet and I am excited to be one of the first to get it (sales lady said they will put it in the shelfs beginning of March). Let’s start talking about it…

Smashbox Crush On Blush Palette Review

Smashbox Crush On Blush Palette contains mix of blush, bronzer and highlighter, basically everything that you need to finish off your makeup. Smahbox Crush On Blush Palette has four blushes in Warm Apricot, Guava, Rosy and Posette, one bronzer in Suntan and one highlighter in Shimmer. Two of these blushes are pink toned and other two are peachy toned.

Suntan is a neutral toned (closer to warm), light bronzer. It’s very soft and natural so if you’re looking for a bronzer, which would give that sun kissed skin, you would love it. Warm Apricot is a peachy apricot blush with tiny shimmer is not glittery, so the shimmers give a nice glow and they don’t make you look like a disco ball. If you’re after a subtle look then you should skip highlighter when you wear this blush. On the other hand, Guava is a mid-tone deeper peachy- pink blush; it is more on the peachy side. It is a kinda matte blush with a subtle shimmer, it is hard to notice on the skin, only when the sun hits yours face you can see some glow and it gives silky finish. It would be an ideal colour for every day wear. Rosy is a dusty pink blush with plum undertone. It has a subtle shimmer like Guava. This would be perfect for people who love deep toned pinks. Rosette is a cool-toned light pink blush, which I could say is sparkle free like Sun Tan. This type of cool toned pinks is perfect for fresh spring look. Lastly, Shimmer is a pale pink/champagne toned highlight with tons of micro shimmers. If you like highlighters which give you glow but not sparkle then this might be a miss for you. It would be ideal for a night out makeup rather than casual day makeup. You can also use it on the inner corners of your eyes.

Smashbox Crush On Blush Palette Swatches

These products are so pigmented, unlike MAC Sheetone Blush, all you need to do is a quick dip in the products then you will have more than enough to work with. Just make sure to apply lightly, very little goes a long way!  They have silky and smooth texture and they blend really smoothly onto the skin, so it is not hard to achieve natural looking makeup with these powders. Wear time is also pretty good, I haven’t noticed them fading throughout the day. If you hate reapplying your blush/bronzer as much as I do, then you better check this out, It will save you! Also since ombre blush is a thing now, you can easily achieve ombre look with these blushes as there’re two of each shades.

Smashbox Crush On Blush Palette packaging is compact and sleek, even though it is cardboard, it is really solid and the magnetic closure makes it safer. It has a full-sized mirror and it is perfect for travelling. It offers a nice colour range, so if you like pink and peach, then you don’t need to carry around extra products.

Overall, I am really happy with this palette. Even though I don’t really prefer pigmented face powders, these products are really easy to work with and give such a nice finish. I wonder how they will be in long summer days…

Do you carry many makeup products with you? What are your essentials? Which shades do you prefer on your cheeks?

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