If you are a wine lover then you might be left with quite a few bottles at the end of the week. Instead of throwing them, there must be some ways to upcycle them. How can you turn wine bottles into something fancy looking or something different? There are so many things you can do with bottles. Some of them take only a few minutes and some require a little bit effort. Let’s start with the easiest one… DIY wine bottle candle holder or DIY wine bottle vase, however, you wish to use it.

What do you think about upcycling? Recycling is good, however, upcycling is even better! You can turn old or unused stuff into something new and useful without spending much on it. It also improves your creativity. For instance, you can upcycle the coffee grounds for gardening purposes or coffee scrub. In this case, we will upcycle wine bottles.

Part 1 is quite simple. I don’t even know if it is right to call this a DIY since it only took a minute or two and it didn’t require much effort. Let’s start with this not quite DIY wine bottle candle holder…

DIY Wine Bottle Candle Holder



  1. Remove the labels (just put them in sink filled with water and they will come off easily. If any sticker left then use white spirit to get rid of it)
  2. Cut the metal bit
  3. Make sure that the bottle is dry, otherwise, paint won’t stay on
  4. Put the bottle on a flat surface and spray it around (make sure to put some newspaper underneath)
  5. Let it dry

DIY wine bottle candle holder is easy to make and all you need is spray paint and wine bottles. With just painting the bottles, you can turn them into something stylish and pretty.

It is that easy to make. The hardest bit is to remove the labels and the rest is easy peasy. You can just use it that way as a candle holder or a vase and put a few roses in it. You can also put a candelabra to use more than one candle. You can use any colour you want, you can even find some glow in dark or glittery ones!

Even though it is so easy to make, the result is pretty good. You don’t need to spend so much time to come up with colourful bottles as a decoration. You can use any bottles, I use wine bottles because I like its simplicity.

Do you like easy DIY ideas? Are you a wine lover who’s left with so many bottles? Have you tried making DIY wine bottle candle holder or wine bottle vase before?


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