M&S Advent Calendar | pur Correcting Primer Illuminate & Glow

You probably heard colour correcting before, but what’s it? Colour correcting is basically using the basis of the colour theory to correct discolouration. There are many colour correctors on the market, however, you just need to know what your skin needs and select the colour accordingly. For instance, for dark circles, you can you peach … Continue Reading

M&S Advent Calendar | Autograph Hydrating Confidence Boost Primer

Primers are good for perfecting the skin’s texture, colour and improve the longevity of the makeup. Even though they can do a lot, I know many of us skip that step of the makeup. It is an extra step which maybe you don’t have time for or extra step that doesn’t make any difference whether … Continue Reading

M&S Advent Calendar | Pixi LipLift Max in Honey Sheen

I’ve tried a handful of lip boosting products before… It’s all because of having small, thin lips and I don’t consider the lip injections. If I could find a product that would temporarily boost the look of my lips, I’d still be happy with that. Any luck so far? Unfortunately no… Can Pixi LipLift Max be … Continue Reading

M&S Advent Calendar | Diego Dalla Palma Ciglione Mascara

Mascaras are like any other beauty/makeup products can look different for everyone. The one that one loves might be a total disappointment for the other. Finding the ultimate mascara might not be as easy as some thinks. There are so many mascaras in the market, all claiming a lot. Recently I stumble across Diego Dalla … Continue Reading