I don’t like spending too much on nail polishes. You can find many good nail polishes under £10 price range and some of them will probably be way better than the high-end ones. Nails Inc One Coat Gel Nail Polish is one of those nail polishes that is on the more expensive range with many promises. All I could say is don’t fall for the promises!

My first impression with Nails Inc One Coat Gel Nail Polish wasn’t the best one. Last year’s M&S Advent Calendar has Nails Inc One Coat Gel Nail Polish in Cranberry and this year’s advent calendar has it in Molten Star. Last year’s Cranberry is a beautiful autumnal/winter colour and Molten Star is metallic coppery gold party colour.

Nails Inc One Coat Gel Nail Polish claims to be a revolutionary gel-effect nail polish for a high shine, fast drying and long-wearing finish. I could agree on the fast drying claim, however, not the rest. Even though it has the thick consistency, it dries quicker than expected. When you are in hurry quick dry comes handy. You don’t need to worry about messing up your nail polish. For the best result, you’re recommended to apply base coat, one or two coats of the nail polish and top coat for the high gloss finish. If you are one of those people that skip base/top coat, then you probably won’t be 100% satisfied with the end result. One coat without any base or top coat will give semi-matte finish which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Nails Inc One Coat Gel Nail Polish is a gel effect nail polish. Molten Star is coppery gold metallic nail polish which would be ideal for the parties. M&S Advent Calendar

I must say I like the big flat brush which holds the perfect amount of polish for one coat application. It goes on smoothly and if you’re steady enough, it(at least this colour) gives the streak-free finish.

How long does Nails Inc Gel One Coat Nail Polish last? I usually go for traditional nail polishes and I have some that go strong even after a week wear so this one is a bit of disappointment. When I apply one coat, after a day of wear, it starts to wear off at the tips. Second coat and a top coat give a longer lasting result… like 2 days without chipping. You’d expect more than that from a gel effect nail polish.

Nails Inc One Coat Gel Nail Polish is £13 for 10 ml. Is it worth it? I still have the same opinion about this nail polish and I don’t think it is worth that much money. It doesn’t have a long wear time and also if you don’t apply any top coat, it doesn’t look shiny. I believe there are way better nail polishes in the market… Even in the drugstore which you pay half the price.

Have you tried any Nails Inc One Coat Gel Nail Polish? What’s your favourite long lasting nail polish?

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