Back in 17th of July 2015, I took a step and published my first blog post and now it has been one year; Ela BellaWorld turned 1! With ups and downs, one year is over and I hope there will be many more years to come. Blogging is fun!

I started this blog just to empty my head and write about things I was passionate about. Ela BellaWorld, a little world of mine has been here for awhile now. It doesn’t feel like it was a long time ago that I published a post saying it has been 6 months and now one year. With so much happening, I wasn’t fully committed to it as I wanted and I made mistakes. Who doesn’t make mistakes, right? We learn from our mistakes and it should make us try harder.

Now I see that one year as a learning curve, seeing the things I could have done right and better so hopefully this new year will be a different. Consistency is key! After neglecting things, trying to get back to the routine is hard. So this is one of the things I will try to change and hopefully I will be more consistent this time.

Goals can be good, however, you should be careful with how many goals you set. It can put you under so much pressure and stress if you set your goals too high or if you try to achieve to many goals. Also, when you do something you love, then why make things harder for yourself? There are so many things I feel like I need to improve and I will write about this in another post. This time I am aiming to get things right as I learn new things, fair enough!

Once I read somewhere that, key of success is not doing what others do, it is all about being unique and doing what you love without copying others. This is something we should all consider, being unique as we do what we love doing. Everyone is different and I am sure everyone can come up with something different, it is all about trying.

How long have you been blogging? What have you learnt so far? Is there anything that bothers you in blogging world and you hope that is changes?

“Be who you are, not the world want to see”

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