5 Beauty Resolutions to Make In the New Year – Guest Post

Is there a better time than the New Year to take a retrospective look at our lives and see if there is any room for changes and improvements? When considering what these change should be, people mostly stick to the usual issues of eating healthier, exercising more, quitting smoking, spending less on clothes, etc. But we … Continue Reading

Dove Derma Spa Goodness3 Body Lotion

Even though I love this time of year, my skin doesn’t seem to agree with me. It gets dry and rough, so it makes it really hard for me to enjoy this season without worrying about my skin. Isn’t it really annoying? There’s a new product on the market, which claims a lot… Dove Derma Spa … Continue Reading

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser

Have you ever heard about Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser before? It wasn’t until some years ago that I heard this brand, and it was after reading a newspaper article like “Ponds Cold Cream keeps Kylie Minogue young”. That’s when I decided to try it out. Is it really true? Let’s find out… The main reason I … Continue Reading

Let’s Talk Lip Balm

Winter is approaching and with changing weather I can feel my skin acting up. It gets sensitive due to the cold and also really dry. It is not only my skin that gets dry, but also my lips. That’s why I am using lip balm all the time during this season. Even though Autumn might … Continue Reading