Face mists have to be one of the easiest products to use. They are fuss free and all you need is a few sprays then you are ready to go. They are soothing, refreshing and hydrating, so when you’re on the go, they can be your saviours. What would be your top 3 face mists to try out? 

There are many facial mists out in the market, some hydrating, some soothing or dewy, so some for everything. When there are so many to pick from, it is really hard to decide which face mists to try out. All you need to know is what you need, then your options will narrow down.

3 Light Face Mists to Try Out

To Get Rid of Oil

If your skin gets oily so quickly and turns you into a shine ball then you might want to check out La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray. Serozinc targets blemishes and excessive oil. You can use it before your moisturiser or whenever you feel like your skin gets a little bit shiny. Once your skin absorbs this spray, you will be left with shine-free and mattified face. It is supposed to be good for tightening the pores when used regularly, however I can’t say anything about that claim. All I can say is, this is a must-have product, if you have oily skin.

To Refresh and Soothe

Don’t you like that refreshing feeling you get, when you wash your face and feel the water hitting your skin. Now there are waters in cans, which might give you similar feeling even when you’re on the go. Avène Thermal Spring Water can actually be used for many things. It is not just a basic facial mist. If you have sunburn, irritated skin or all you want is refreshment when it is hot outside, this will help you with all of them. It is basically pure mineral rich water! You might wonder if it is worth paying for just simple water, all I can say is even though it is just water, it’s worth it. Unless you’re living on the mountains, it is not easy to find fresh thermal water, so with this can everything is easier. You can use it over your makeup too, just make sure to wait till your makeup sets (especially mascara).

To Set

Powder is he best friend of oily skins. It helps to mattify everything and give you a few shine free hours. Well these are the good bits, how about the powdery finish? Luckily there are sprays that can help you to have flawless and powder-free looking makeup. You can use MAC Fix+ before or after the makeup and it will give you glowy looking makeup. It won’t fix your makeup as the name suggests, however, you can use something else for it.

Have you tried any of these face mists? Which products would be in your top 3 light face mists to try out?

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