Let’s Talk Eyeliner

Eyeliners are probably one of the essentials in your makeup bags. Black, colourful, waterproof… There are many options to pick from. With a good eyeliner, you can create such great and long lasting looks. Who doesn’t like cat eyeliner right? In winter I might get the job done with just eye pencil as it stays … Continue Reading

Simple Makeup

Think about a weekend where you are only allowed to use two makeup/beauty products for the entire weekend, day and night. How hard would it be to choose the best product for a simple makeup? My Choices for a Simple Makeup Primers, foundations, mascaras, lipsticks and so on… There are many makeup products that most … Continue Reading

Let’s Talk Brows

I’ve always envied those who have thick eyebrows, because I think they are good and you can shape them however you like. I’m one of these unlucky people who don’t have thick brows and can’t make them grow. Whenever I decide to let them grow, it just doesn’t grow or it grows really ridiculously funny… Or … Continue Reading

Rimmel Oh My Gloss

I know, I know this is long overdue. I wanted to post about Rimmel Oh My Gloss when it was first released, however, then my blog wasn’t quite ready. I still want to talk about it as I think it is worth talking about. My Rimmel Oh My Gloss Review I am not a big … Continue Reading