Are you always on the go? Perhaps the reason you went into freelancing was that you can take your office anywhere, working while you travel and travelling while you work. But if you are an international worker and never go anywhere without your trusty laptop, you want to make sure your work and your private documents aren’t at risk. This is especially important if you find yourself working in cafes and hotels where the wifi network is open.

In this article, we take a look at how to protect your documents and deter would-be hackers while you’re on the road and working.

Travel Safely Online | Are you safe when you are online?

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Travel Safely Online

Safe As Clouds

Obviously the very best way to keep your data safe on-the-go is to make sure that all your security is completely up to date. If you’re operating a Windows PC then make sure you have the latest version of your software and that you’ve conducted a recent scan. If you’re working from a Mac you just need to have the latest iOS updates installed.

Have a spring clean of all your most regularly used passwords every few months and create new ones that will foil even the most determined hacker.

When it comes to your important documents you’ll need to think about where you store them. One of the best solutions is cloud storage. This also works well if you’re working away but still on the network with your office. Cloud networking and cloud storage, like enterprise cloud solutions, remove the need to keep documents on your laptop and secure them away online. There are several advantages to this. The first is the security aspect. Should your laptop get damaged or stolen while you’re travelling, then you’ll be able to quickly get up and running again with just a password in your head and access to the internet. It also means that the thieves will not be able to view anything confidential or sensitive.

The other advantage comes from the ease of networking and in particular file sharing, with your team having access to your shared files, it means anyone can work remotely and still be in the loop.This a real bonus for businesses looking to cut down on desk space by encouraging home working.

Stay Safe

As with everything there are downsides and the big one here is how vulnerable your network and your laptop are when using open wifi network channels. If you are using one and you have your cloud storage open, you do run the risk of cyber attack. Simply don’t use networks that aren’t secure and instead tether your laptop to your phone or create a VPN address that might give you some protection.

When your laptop is your life, take some of these precautionary measures on board and keep working knowing that you’ve done everything you can to avoid a data disaster.

You’re a worker and a traveller so make sure you’re seeing the world, while at the same time keeping your documents as safe as houses.

What do you do to travel safely online when you are on the go?