Starting your blog off was a piece of cake because you had all the ideas and the skills needed to get underway but with a good blog comes success and often we’re unprepared for the next stage. In this blog, we take a quick look at the next steps to growing your online presence and how to take your blog to the next level.

Taking Blogging To The Next Level

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Reader ready

How has your website changed to attract a greater readership? If it hasn’t, then this is the first place you need to start in adapting brand you for a wider audience and growing your readership. If, so far, you’ve opted for a free hosting site consider upgrading for more technical support, a greater choice of templates and design, and all the benefits of having your site’s analytics to hand.

Identify your customer base

If you’re hoping to take blogging seriously and make a living from your site, then you’ll need to do some work in getting to know your customer base. Quite probably you’re writing for your own age group and focusing on all the aspects of health and beauty, raising a family or running a business that you have the first-hand experience in. That being the case you’ll simply need to figure out how to attract these readers to your page. You might want to use some free samples or get sign-ups through an e-newsletter, either way, you’ll need to target your readers through their favoured social media sites and connect with them directly. If you’re a selling site, then Knowing Your Customer or KYC is not a problem with Jumio and will help protect you at the point of sale.

Plan to win

It’s time to get some serious strategizing underway and to start doing some research into how to get your blogging site launched into the stratosphere. Do a lot of reading around and even think about setting aside some budget to make this happen. With the right investment, spending just a little on the right site is a worthwhile use of money.

Figure out how to make Google work for you and how you can generate any money from advertising on your site and the inclusion of guest blogs. If your blog is to become a business, then you’ll need to pay careful attention to your page analysis. Where are your visitors heading to on your site and what are they doing on those pages? Make those popular pages work even harder for you by updating them regularly and take a look at why the lesser performing pages are missing the mark.

The hobby that you thought you could have a go at, is fast turning into a lifestyle that might actually start generating some money. Stay at the top of your game with regular updates and new blog posts.  Don’t be afraid to revamp should you need to and start looking around at how to leverage some advertising and revenue from outside sources. You’ll be unstoppable.

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