February Favourites 2016

February is over (like 28 days aren’t enough, it was 29 days), which means we are getting closer to Spring and longer days instead of longer nights. Even though I love the cold days of Autumn, Winter is my least favourite season, so I am happy that it will be over soon. What’s your favourite … Continue Reading

Peachy Cheeks with MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush

Some products like blushes or bronzers are better when they are not extremely pigmented. You wouldn’t want to have excessive amount of blush after the first swipe and then you try to make mute it down. So having a sheer one, which you could build up, is a better option. MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush is … Continue Reading

MAC Ruby Woo for Perfect Valentine’s Day Lips

Have you ever thought why love is associated with red? Passion, love, anger all these feelings are related to red. When it is Valentine’s Day, you don’t see blue or yellow hearts around, but red. Everything is red, but why? All I could think is red increases the heart rate like love does, so maybe … Continue Reading

Mini MAC Haul

Once in a while a curious side of me kicks in, I end up being sneaky and wonder what others get. I guess it comes from watching so many haul videos on Youtube. Are you the same way? My mini MAC Haul has three MAC products, which was recently added to my makeup. It has been … Continue Reading