Hair loss is something that everyone fears. As women, you worry about the day where you look in the mirror, and your hairline has receded far back, and you’ve got hardly any hair left. Typically, we’re used to having long and luxurious locks, so this is a genuine worry for lots of women – particularly if hair loss runs in your family.

While some female hair loss is hereditary, a lot of instances stem from not looking after your hair properly. Either way, there are things to do that will either delay hair loss or prevent it from happening entirely. If you want thick and healthy hair for the rest of your life, then follow this advice: 

Prevent Your Hair From Falling Out By Following This Advice

Improve your diet

Yes, what you put in your mouth can have an impact on the hair on your head. It sounds crazy, but changing to a healthy diet will provide you with thicker, stronger, hair in the long term. In fact, there’s a study that showed eating raw vegetables and herbs helps to delay the onset of female-pattern baldness. Not only that, but eating lots of protein-rich foods can also help with hair growth and strength as your hairs are made up of proteins. The observant of you can see that this diet isn’t exactly anything crazy at all. If anything, it’s a balanced diet. Get fresh vegetables into every meal, have a good protein source, and you can keep your hair in excellent condition. 

Stop brushing when your hair is wet

Wet hair is far more delicate than dry hair. As such, trying to brush out all the knots and tangles is a recipe for disaster. The chances are you will pull out loads of your hair when doing this. Of course, hair grows back, but there comes the point where it stops. You are inadvertently damaging your hair when you brush it just after washing. Stop doing this, or you will end up yanking out all of the hair on your head. Wait until it is dry, then brush it delicately. 

Use a topical solution

Topical solutions refer to things that you apply directly to your scalp. There are plenty available, but the easiest thing to try is shampoo or conditioner. You can find shampoos for hair loss that contain special ingredients like biotin, caffeine, and lots of other vitamins that help your hair grow nice and thick. If you’re experiencing hair loss, then these things can help stop it in its tracks. It’s also possible to reverse the effects – provided your hair loss isn’t hereditary and is caused more by poor practices than anything medical. The effectiveness of topical solutions varies from person to person, so don’t be surprised if it works for you and not for someone else. 

Get hair loss medication

If you’re worried about female-pattern baldness – and have started seeing the signs – then it could be a good idea to get some hair loss medication. You can order online and get them delivered straight to your door every month. All types of hair loss medication work best when you spot your problem early on. They can definitely help delay any further hair loss and keep your hair as it is. Again, much like topical solutions, some people see a reversibility effect that makes their hair grow back. Be sure to research which medication is best for you as some are targeted specifically at men and shouldn’t be taken by women!

Avoid tight hairstyles

The way you style your hair can also lead to hair loss. Mainly, be cautious of tight hairstyles that pull on your hair follicles. Unfortunately, there are loads of hairstyles that may cause hair loss! Things like tight ponytails are common, but wearing them for too long, too often, will damage the hair follicles permanently. If you always wear your hair tied back tightly, then you can expect to see a receding hairline pretty soon. The solution to this is simple; avoid wearing these hairstyles as much as you can. If anything, spend as much time with your hair down in its natural style as possible. This keeps it nice and healthy and protects your roots!

As mentioned in the intro, no girl wants to suffer from hair loss. Many of you see your hair as your leading feature! The good news is that you can delay and reverse many types of hair loss. All you have to do is follow the advice in this guide and keep your hair as healthy as possible.

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