When planning a wedding party that will be held at your own home and garden – there are so many things to prepare and to consider. Making the most of a wedding at home can be a challenge, however, it is something that is well worth the time and effort to pull off. 

Celebrating your wedding in your own home can be a great idea and it will allow you to customize your wedding completely and make it right for you. 

Today we are going to take a look at some of the ways you can make the most of your wedding at home this summer. 

Making The Most Of An At Home Wedding

Make your favorite foods 

One of the best reasons to host your own wedding is that you can choose your own food and make it the way you like it. If you are a fussy eater, this is the ideal situation because you’ll be able to make food that you love and cook it exactly the way you want. You could even have a wedding barbecue and bring some fun goods along for the ride! There are plenty of amazing meals to make for your wedding and it is super easy for you to make things ahead of time and store them in the fridge for a few days before the big day. 

Buy booze in bulk 

If you are planning to host your own wedding make sure to use your Costco membership for the booze. Alcohol is an expensive part of a wedding but it is also an important part, so load up on the crates of wine and beer and save money by buying more. You can also consider looking at a wheelbarrow full of ice to house your beers and cold drinks easily for the day. It is a good idea and should help you to keep everything fresh and delicious. 

Choose a great photographer 

When hosting a wedding at your home you’ll want to look for good local wedding photographers to help you celebrate in style. Photographs of your wedding day are an important memory and they will provide you with gifts for family members and friends as well as artwork for your home. 

Get crafty with decor 

When decorating your wedding at home there are a few different ways you can do it. You could consider buying tablecloths and decor online or from a craft store, and you can take inspiration from Pinterest to make some of the decorations yourself. There are some great ideas out there that don’t cost the earth and it will give you a fun hobby to do in the evenings as you countdown to the big day. 

Hire a marquee

Just in case the worst happens and the rain pours down – make sure you have a marquee ready for people to sit undercover. This will likely be the best decision you can make and it will take the stress off! 

Use these ideas to make your home wedding the best it can be this year. 

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