Life in a short-term let doesn’t mean that you can’t make your home the sweet haven you want it to be–particularly since we are all spending a lot more time at home at the moment. 

But how do you do this without having to commit to a complete decor overhaul and potentially losing out on your security deposit? 

Here are some simple ideas to help to spark some inspiration if you feel stuck in a bit of a rut.

How to Turn Your Rented Property into Your Own Sweet Haven

Fill Your World With Flowers 

Fresh flowers are a great way of brightening up the home. Not only do they look lovely, but they also smell gorgeous too. 

However, if you’re not up for spending money on fresh flowers every week, there are a huge range of faux flowers available on the market these days. From bright and cheerful sunflowers to delicate silk orchids, the chances are that your favourite blooms are available in faux format, meaning you’re able to enjoy them for months on end. 

Removable faux flower walls are an easy way to create a bit of drama to a room, are the best backdrop for photos, and can be taken with you to your next home. 

Reflect on Life with Mirrors 

We all need mirrors, but with a variety of styles available on the market, mirrors can be a design feature of their own. 

Big antique inspired mirrors will not only add a bit of grandeur to your place, but will also create the illusion of  a larger space if positioned correctly.  

They come in such a range of styles, shapes and sizes. You can get teeny tiny squares that create beautiful light shows when they capture light in a unique and beautiful way, adding to the overall ambience of the room. 

Antique mirrors can be added to a picture wall for a dash of variety, and plain, large circular mirrors will allow you to see more of your outfit as you get ready for the day. 

Your Life In Freeze Frame 

Picture walls are a lovely way of capturing and keeping memories of the best and most beautiful moments of our lives that can be looked at in any given moment. 

They also play an important part in minimizing mess and clutter on shelves and windowsills, as well as being the opportunity to create your own personal works of art. 

 Use eclectic, mismatched frames for a quirky, fun gallery look dedicated to those you love the most. Get onto to print off some of your favourite pictures that nobody else will have in their homes  You don’t even have to put a nail in a wall, as there are plenty of products which allow you to remove your frames with ease- without causing any lasting damage to the walls!

Do Your Part for The Environment (and your purse!) Upcycle. 

A quick sanding, a lick of paint or maybe some decoupage later, you have several pieces of new to you furniture. Maybe you have an old cabinet from your grandparents house, or a few chairs you found at a charity shop that needs a little bit of loving to bring them back to life. There is so much potential in these places. 

Facebook marketplace is a treasure chest of potential gems if you don’t feel like looking around at second hand shops. The best part about all of this is that in addition to getting yourself some unique furniture, you’re saving on cash, and you are doing your part to look after our planet! Bespoke furniture without the hefty price tag. What’s not to love about that?

Bring the Outside In 

Indoor plants have become very ‘vogue’ recently and are an easy way to bring some calming nature into your home without having to call environmental health. Plants are pretty easy to care for, and can be transported to your next place just as easily as bringing them in. 

Opt for trailing plants for your bathrooms, or tiny succulents in teacup sized pots to add something else to your bookshelves.
The best news is that desert plants are very low maintenance when it comes to watering them, so even the least green fingered folk among us won’t have to worry too much about making sure that the plants don’t die. 

It is easy to create a vibe that you love in your home, no matter how temporarily you’ll be staying there- because you want to feel comfortable and relaxed wherever you call home. 

How do you turn your rented property into your own sweet haven?

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