I never thought finding a house would be that hard. Husband and I have been looking to buy a house for almost two years now and guess what? We are not having much luck. We either like the house but not the location, or the house is really run down and you need a big investment or just basically it is way over our budget. Being adult is hard! If you already have a house and want to add extra value, you might want to read this guest post on how to boost the value of your home! I’m sure when I find the right place I will be taking inspirations from this post!

If you want to boost the value of your home, then this is remarkably easy to do. In fact, a few simple changes are all you need in order to really turn things around for yourself.

How to Boost the Value of Your Home

Fix any Issues

Structural problems, like subsidence, rising damp or even cracks can really reduce the value of your property. These fixes might be expensive, but they are completely necessary if you want to make the most out of your sale. You also need to look out for any bad electrical wiring as well. Luckily, this doesn’t take long to fix, but you do have to hire a professional if you want to get the job done properly. If you try and do it yourself then you not only risk causing a fire, but you also risk really devaluing your home as a result.

How to Boost the Value of Your Home without Breaking the Bank


Your Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen is often thought of as being the heart of the home. Potential home buyers are always trying to make a beeline for this room when they visit a property, so you have to make sure that it looks clean and that it is really up to date too. If you cannot afford to get a whole new kitchen then you have nothing to worry about. Sometimes smaller changes can make just as much of an impact. You can replace the kitchen sinks, the taps and even old appliances. When you do this, try and make sure that everything matches in with each other, and that you are using the same colour tone. The same concept applies to your bathroom as well. A tired looking bathroom that is in serious need of re-grouting or even a leaking tap will be very off-putting to new buyers.

How to Boost the Value of your Home


Remodel the Inside

You might not be able to extend your property and this is completely understandable. You can however change the internal layout. Knocking down the walls that are between the living room and the kitchen can really help to make your rooms look open plan and they can also add way more value to your property. If you aren’t sure if a wall is load-bearing or not, then you might want to consider engaging with a structural engineer to see if they can help. Consider putting up some decorations as well, to make your space appear more homely.

Kerb Appeal

Get yourself a new door lock, or even think about getting a whole new door. This is especially the case if your door is letting in a lot of draught. Remember that curb appeal has a huge part to play when it comes to the look and feel of your property, and this really does start with your front door. You might also want to invest in some Indian sandstone as well, as this will really make your pathway look nice and clean.

Double Glazing

Double glazing can also hugely increase the value of your home. The best thing about it is that it will reduce any outside noise and it will also do a way better job at keeping the heat in as well.

This means that it will lower your heating bills and it will also really make your home more appealing to buyers.

What would you do to improve the value of your home? Have you been considering any rennovations? If yes, which has the priority… quality or the cost?

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