Unless you’re an expert event planner, organising a wedding can be a challenge. You can get all the right food and ask all the right people, but how exactly do you plan the atmosphere? It sounds like an impossible task, but a few clever tricks can help build the perfect blend of fun and relaxation that will give your guests – and you – a wedding to remember.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Wedding’s Atmosphere

1. Lighting

You know how your home instantly feels cosier when it’s softly lit by gorgeous lamps? Well, your wedding venue is no different. Have a good look at the space to see how you can use lighting to reduce inhibitions, so your guests are comfortable to enjoy themselves. Soft lighting will work really well on the tables, and if you can’t use real candles, there are some great flickering battery candles available. Tall lit letters are always fun and are ideal for creating the right ambience around your dance floor, while festooning your space with fairy lights will bring a wow factor and let you create little nooks for your guests to mingle.

2. Music to relax to

Music is one of the most important parts of creating a mood. Think about your guests’ journey through the day and build in music to match. How do you want them to feel while they’re mingling after the ceremony? Dreamy and relaxed? Or excited about the evening ahead? What about when you’re having your meal together? A carefully chosen playlist will make your guests feel comfortable and calm, and it’s far better than the sound of scraping plates and stilted chatter. Tailoring your music to your day will give your guests subtle cues about what’s to come and help them feel relaxed.

3. Music to tap your feet to

Choosing your band is one of the most important things you’ll do. Whether you want a sophisticated string quartet, a raucous rock vibe or a low key folk band, the band you choose will have a huge impact on the day.

It’s worth doing some research, and often engaging a specialist wedding band booker will make the job easier. They’ll be able to help you find a band that meets your music taste, be it rock, pop, soul or something out of the ordinary. They’ll also be able to help you find a band that brings all their own equipment and handles the setup, so you’ve nothing to worry about on the day.

If you want to end the evening with dancing, then choosing a professional DJ is a must too. They’ll be experts in building an atmosphere and will help get your party going and keep people moving until the early hours. Think about your guests and make sure the older people in the party will enjoy it as much as the younger ones.

Getting requests from everyone is always nice, and you can use this to create a bit of excitement as people anticipate hearing their song. Keep as true to yourself as you can, and if you’re known for loving a bit of rock and roll, or 90s dance floor classics, then make sure you pick a DJ who’ll reflect your personality.

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