When we want a change, usually it’s a very subtle thing. If we want a different colour to our lips, we change the lipstick or at least add a little tint, but when we are looking to make drastic alterations to our style, especially in terms of our hair, it can feel like we are treading into the unknown. So if we want to change our hair, regardless of how long we’ve had it for, or we just feel uninspired, how can we ensure that we pick the right style, but also make sure we don’t end up disappointed as soon as we see the final product in the mirror?

A stylist you can trust

The temptation could be to go back to our usual hair stylist. While we know they could do wonders with our hair as it is, can we put our faith in our ability to change our hair into something completely different? If you don’t have much confidence in their abilities, it’s time to go and shop around. A new look means a new identity, and you need someone who understands your needs and vision. You can have a look online to see who’s in your local area. And of course, always ask around, especially those who value your opinion.

Hair trials

Far from it being the mainstay of a blushing bride to be, it’s important that’s if you’re looking for a new style, that you try it first. It’s a difficult thing to get right, but once you find the right stylist, work with them and ensure that they understand what you want implicitly. While these days it’s easy enough to get quality hair extensions, you’ve got to try them out just to see if it’s something you can get used to. We have to remember that it’s not about how we feel directly after the hair has been restyled, but we’ve got to give it a few days for it to acquire a life of its own. Having a few hair trials can give you that opportunity to play about with what you want, without necessarily dedicating yourself to one specific style.

You need to love it!

Part of the reason you want to change your style is that your current style isn’t doing it for you anymore. Once you’ve done enough background research into what you think will suit, you may find that others are quite taken aback by what you’ve gone for. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what these people think. You need to love it. As such, you’ve got to trust your instincts and ensure that it’s a perfect opportunity to show off a new version of you. Sometimes hairstyles don’t work because of the shape of our face. And no matter how much we have our heart set on it, we’ve got to find a way around this. Ultimately, what does it matter what everybody else thinks? As long as you’re happy with how it looks, and you are working with the stylist to make sure that it’s exactly how you want it, then do what you want!

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