Rihanna Rebl Fleur Perfume

I’ve never been a fan of celebrity scents, as it always feels like they are somehow just copies of the well-known fragrances and most of them also smell the same. I’ve only tried a few celebrity fragrances. The first one was Fantasy from Britney Spears. The bottle is so adorable and I remember that I … Continue Reading

Cacharel Amor Amor Perfume

You smell one of your old favourite perfumes years later and you wonder how you liked it in the first place? It happens to me quite a lot, so I guess as we get older our taste changes a bit. However, there’s one perfume, Cacharel Amor Amor, from my early twenties that no matter how many … Continue Reading

October Favourites 2015

Another month is over and we are not so far away from a new year, new possibilities and new resolutions. Last month has been quite a month for me, so many things had to change just in a short time and there are so many unknown things to be solved. However, here are my October … Continue Reading

Hugo Boss Orange

Don’t you like to go for stronger scents for a/w? Autumn scents are all about crispy edgy notes for me. I want something that would be so comforting, but would smell warm and festive. I like changing my perfume depending on the season. In Spring and Summer I go for floral, fresh scents, however, in Autumn and … Continue Reading