Blogging has never been more lucrative than today. It’s one of the best home businesses to start up because it’s cheap and cost-effective. You and only you can increase your fan base. That is both a good thing and a daunting thing. Because you are on your own regarding a business workforce, you will be shouldering all the responsibility yourself. However, this gives you far greater control over every aspect of your business. That’s another thing, you have to think of your blog as a business. If you want to start a diary that’s fine as this was the original intent of the blog when it first came into being. However, most blogs that generate cash flow will involve the outside world such as product and service reviews. Of course, you have to inject your personality into your posts but ultimately you do need to be business minded. Just like all businesses you will need to consider building a community along with a core base.

Building A Community Vs Casual Readership For Your Blog

The basic differences

A blog that has a community rather than just a readership is going to grow quickly for longer. It doesn’t mean that a core readership won’t get you that but certainly not in the same time frame. A readership of a newspaper that is also an online publication will have a good visitor number. Its community will be the readers that share the articles and write in the comment section their opinion. It’s the casual yet consistent reader versus the avid reader and interacting consumer. For your blog, you need both but if you had to choose the one you would go with the latter. This core base is going to be the force that remains with you as you change content, try new things and even tackle controversial topics. Any publicity is good publicity and sometimes casual readers might not be too interested in things that are off your usual norm but a community will fully engage.

Don’t focus on the money

Yes your blog is a business but it’s not the only thing you should consider. Making a profit is necessary but if you make it all about the dollars then your fans will not be too pleased. Forced advertising and reviews will put off many of your core consumers because they don’t want to always watch or read this. They want your personality and your own authenticity to come through in each post you make. It’s kind of counter-intuitive since you are trying to make money to support yourself to then make content that isn’t about the profits. Don’t focus on the money all the time and instead, try to do things that you actually like as your passion will come through and this excites both your community and your casual readership. Interest and enthusiasm in what you’re doing will always leap off the screen and or page so every now and then don’t make posts that aim to net you a profit.

Show them you’re human

Sometimes it can seem that you’re only accessible through your posts. If your writing is good enough, then fans won’t complain but even then you might get the odd person in your comment section wanting more. Consider getting a virtual PO box from a company like because fans can send you letters and gifts which you can show in your posts and or record a video of yourself opening them. It shows that you’re not just a name on a screen but a real person that is living a normal life. Sometimes people can become consumed with their own imagination and with this you break that mould of only existing in cyberspace. This makes you seem more tangible and the readership can enjoy new content but the community will engage with you in the real world. You can write about the things you get from fans and what that means to you or you can hold things like competitions. Ask fans to draw or write something about a topic that you are blogging about and choose a winner. Receive the documents and gifts from the PO box and create content based on what those things are.

A readership wants new content and posts that entertain them. A community wants more, it’s a mixture of new, explorative and personalised content. The community is able to be relied upon when you try new things and the casual readership is going to enjoy it without usually interacting on a deeper level. Both can be achieved in their own ways to study how and think of new ideas to challenge both next times you make a post.

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